How do I turn on dark mode in Gmail on Android and iOS?

Nowadays, Google has initiated to roll out the latest dark mode for its Gmail app on both iOS and Android devices. Dark modes have become very famous and hence it has become a widely used email app, thanks to its ability to blacken interfaces. Due to the dark interface, it reduces the strain on your eyes and at the same time, it also saves the battery life of your devices.

Apple and Google have created to release system-wide dark modes across their operating systems and even app designers are also upgrading their apps with their dark mode takes. For more info get connected with the experts at Gmail UK and get instant help.

Google very firstly, added dark mode to an Android Pie update this year, however, the theme didn’t display everywhere. In Android 10, this mode is much more widespread and the apps that use the default system theme automatically will embrace the new dark mode when you get it turned on, upsetting light and dark colors.

The latest version of the Apple operating system also applies the theme widely from widgets, wallpaper, and notifications to messages and calendars. In this post, we will discuss some amazing points that clear the point that how to turn on dark mode in Gmail on Android and iOS.

Let’s start the tutorial of enabling dark theme in Gmail on Android:

• In your Android Display system setting, set your device to the dark theme- Gmail automatically respect the system default setting.
• On Pixel, once Battery Saver is enabled then, Gmail will default to the dark theme automatically
• Or in Gmail, go to the Settings and then click on Theme and then, select “Dark”

Now, let’s have a look at the procedure of enabling dark theme in Gmail on iOS:

• To enable the dark theme on iOS 13, you can:
• Set your device to the dark theme in IOS Settings and Gmail, by default, automatically will respect the system default setting.
• Or in Gmail, go to Settings and then Theme and after that, select “Dark”

After following this procedure, you can enable the dark mode of Gmail on your device

Importance of Dark Mode:
Well, there are so many advantages of enabling Dark Mode and one of the most important benefits of Dark mode is “Better Sleeping”. Bright Screens may interrupt nature sleep cycles. Artificial light reduces sleep-inducing neurons and causes the ones which wake you up. With the melatonin, the sleep hormone of the body is suppressed and the natural clock of the body gets pushed back. The dark mode also helps to boost some medical conditions.

As it provides benefits to some users with particular health conditions which are annoyed by the bright lights. Photophobia is a condition that makes people very sensitive to the light. By enabling the Blue light filter on smartphones or a dark mode option, the users with photophobia can be a little more comfortable. Using dark mode will also help those people who are suffering from migraines. In short, we can say, it can also result in decreasing eye strain, better sleep and also can ease some health issues.

You can contact Gmail Contact Number UK if you are facing any issue while enabling the dark mode. Not only this, if you have any other queries regarding your Gmail account then you can get instant support from the experienced technician team.