How to keep Gmail password safe from hackers?

Gmail is now using by everyone because it is the best and reputed Email service in the world. Whether the purpose is to send personal wishes notes or to send official projects or files, Gmail is widely used by everyone. It is advisable to keep Gmail safe from the reach of hackers to protect your personal files and data secure from being vulnerable. In this guide, we will discuss some amazing points to keep Gmail password safe from hackers.

Safety Points

Security and Safety Checkup:

Let’s start with Security Checkup as Google makes identifying your account security very easy and simple. It is advisable to use the built-in safety checkup tool on your page of account sign in and security. Once you click the “security checkup” option, you will be tossed into a multi-section form which will mostly ask you to review and check some information. This should not take that long but you definitely will want to take your time and carefully review the details which you find here.

2-Step Verification Activation:
The concern over the Google account hacked issues has ensued in the introduction of a safety feature that is known as 2-Step Verification. The 2-Step Verification offers an additional layer of security and safety. Every time you want to access your account, a code will be sent to your phone to make it impossible for another to trick your password. We believe every Gmail accounts must have this activated.

Update Your Gmail Safety Credentials:
This method totally depends on the duration of creating a Gmail account. If it was a few years ago then your recovery details like your backup Phone number might have changed. It is vigorous that you monitor your security details and update your security questions, password, and recovery options and to make sure that you have a password that is strong. Therefore, the first thing you would want to do is to the sign-in and safety checkup page and then, updates your password.

Check Suspicious Activity:
If Google detects any suspicious activity in your account they will send you a notification. It might be possible that there is sign-ins from an untrusted location or an unknown device. Supremely, you should also manually review your account at least when a month to ensure that there is no suspicious activity has taken place. To check your account, click on the link ‘Details’ located on the right-hand side bottom of your mailbox.

Set a Recovery Email and Phone: The first and main option is very simple. Then, confirm your recovery phone number and email address. Mainly, if you get locked in your Google account, you will want to ensure that this stuff is right. Also, you will get an email on your recovery account whenever your main account is logged into a new location.

Never share your password:
One more and most important thing is to never share your password with anyone. First of all, always use a strong password that contains a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols. Also, never use the untrusted device to log in your Gmail account and if you use any untrusted device then never click on the option that says “Save your password for future”.

These are the few amazing tips that help to keep your Gmail safe and secure from hackers and cybercriminals. If you suspect that your Gmail is hacked then contact Gmail Helpline for instant help. But always be on the lookout for notifications from Gmail advice which you need to add extra security to stay on top of any latest potential vulnerability.