How to stay protected from Phishing emails in Gmail?

Gmail is one of the widely used email services that provide great storage and also comes with outstanding features. It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. It is known for its high-level security that keeps your mails and attachments safe.

But sometimes, you suspect that your device is infected with a Phishing attack that comes through Email. In that case, it is advisable to take precautions to stay protected from Phishing emails in Gmail. In this guide, we will discuss some amazing tips to get protection from Phishing attacks.

About Phishing:

Phishing is commonly done via email, sites or ads that look just like the sites which you trust and already use. For instance, someone who is phishing may send you an email that looks like it is from your bank, therefore, you will provide those details and information about your bank account.

There are various phishing techniques that are used by the attackers:

• Installing a Trojans through a malicious email attachment or ad that will allow the interpreter to exploit loopholes and obtain personal information
• Attaching a link in an email which redirects your employee to an unsafe and unsecured and untrusted website which request personal detail and sensitive information
• Attempting to get company details over the phone by imitating a trusted company vendor or IT department
• Fooling the sender address in an email to look like a reputable source and then ask for your sensitive information

If you suspect that you are receiving Phishing Email then doesn’t worry, Gmail also come with facility through which you can easily report Phishing Email. For that,

• On a computer, go to Gmail
• Now, open the message
• Then, see next to Reply and then click on ‘More’
• After that, click on Report phishing

By doing this, you can easily report phishing emails and protect yourself from the phishing attack. But sometimes, you get that you have incorrectly marked any email as phishing. To get it to unmark,

• On a computer, go to Gmail
• Open the message and then,
• Next to Reply and click on ‘More’
• Click on Report, not Phishing

Avoid Phishing Attacks:

• Make sure that you get an email from a site asking for sensitive information. If you find this type of email
• Do not click any links or do not give any personal information until you have confirmed the email is authentic
• If the sender has a Gmail address then, report the Gmail abuse to Google

One more thing: Gmail will never ask you for personal information like your password or email
When you get an email which looks suspicious and here are few things to keep in mind:

• Make sure that the email address and the sender name match
• Check if the email is reliable and authenticated
• Now, hover any link before you click on them and if the link URL doesn’t match the description of the link, it may be foremost you to a phishing site
• Make sure that the message headers to check the ‘from’ header is not displaying an inappropriate name

It is advisable to follow the on-screen instruction carefully to avoid any types of glitches and to stay protected from the Phishing Emails. If you think that your Gmail address has been taken then, just call on Gmail Support UK to get connected with the technical experts for instant help.