Noticeable and Easy to Use Features of Gmail:

Gmail is now working steadily for developing new and enchanting features for the convenience of the users. This email service consumes fewer data and has the capability to send even large attachments in very few seconds (depends on Internet Connection). The advanced features make the user mesmerize and provide a friendly experience while using it.

We are here with the amazing features that you must know about the Gmail. We will now give a brief note on the noticeable and easy to use features of Gmail. One-by-one we’ll describe the features to make it easier to understand and read.


Well, Signatures are an important part of an overall email marketing strategy and is the epitome of using every opportunity to promote your business, services, and brand. Moreover, a professional Gmail signature can set one business away from the rest. While making a signature, it is suggested to attest large profile photos, business logos, and headshots. It is advisable to take the suggestion of professional designers and include really large business logos as well as profile photos in your Gmail signature. With its size, it could be surprising to your email recipients when they get a clear and full-size version in their inbox.

Gmail label is developed as a tag and can be added to every email which you send or receive. You can also add them to drafts and they can be used to keep your inbox organized. These are just similar to the folders and unlike folders; you can apply more than a single label to a single message. You can easily add a label to an email. For that,

• Click on the tag icon that appears below the search bar
• A drop-down menu will list all the available labels and you can choose the label which you want to assign to the email
• Click on apply and unlike folders, it is possible to add multiple labels to an email. The same email can be availed under different labels.

Switching between Gmail accounts:
If you are someone who has a professional and a personal email, Google comes with the ability to flip effortlessly between multiple accounts. In the past, if you wanted to access a different email account, then it commonly meant logging into and logging out the other account. Gmail solved this issue in 2014 when it added to the stay logged in capability and switch between multiple Gmail accounts.

Sending Money:
Now, Gmail comes with a facility through which you can send money to any email address for free. You can also accept money that is sent to you by someone or request money from someone. Google will not charge any fee to send money and with the help of your Google Pay balance, debit/credit card or your bank account associated with Google Pay.

Canned Responses: Canned Responses are an excellent resource for those who constantly get the same comments or questions via email. If you find yourself using the same email response, again and again, it is possibly best to set up a canned response for quicker replies. When you are set up, you will no longer have to answer the same question again and again.

• Click on the Gear icon in the Gmail and then click on ‘Settings’
• Click on the tab which says ‘Advanced’
• Click ‘Enable’ on the ‘Canned Responses’ prompt
• Start a new email by clicking on ‘Compose’ that appears in the upper left-hand corner of your inbox
• Type the email message which you like to save as a template
• After that, click on the three dots icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the compose window
• Hover your mouse over ‘Canned responses’, ‘Save drafts as template’ and then, click on ‘save as new template’
• Name your canned response and start a new email by clicking on ‘Compose’
• Now, click on the three dots icon that appears on the bottom right-hand corner of the compose window
• Hoven over ‘Canned responses’, then click on the canned response name
• After that, paste the response name and add your recipient and then click on ‘Send’

These are a few outstanding features of Gmail that provide its users with an enjoyable experience. If you have any queries regarding any of the Gmail feature then call on Gmail Support Number UK for complete assistance. You can also get your issues resolved by just calling at the technical support service.