How to Setup Gmail Account to increase Blog Traffic?

Are you looking to increase Blog Traffic, then don’t worry, you can do it with just a simple tool and that is Gmail. Yes, through Gmail you can easily increase Blog Traffic. In this guide, we will discuss the most effective strategies, through which you can conduct using Gmail, ‘Blogger Outreach’. Let’s talk about what Blogger Outreach is.

Well, it is the developing process of a communication strategy that helps you to reach the bloggers with powerful influence online for the content promoting purpose to their target audience. Of course, not every blogger there’ll respond positively. Let’s move ahead with some important things that you should know before Setup Gmail Account to increase Blog Traffic.

First, you should have clear answers to some questions:

What you actually want to achieve and your goals which you want to achieve from the blogger outreach?

• Improved search traffic
• Higher search rankings
• Interviews
• Reader/consumer trust
• Email subscribers

Where you can get the bloggers and site owners to get help to achieve your goals?

Things to do:
The top class bloggers are busy, so study them to decide how to reach them
Make your email subject line attractive and appealing. Make a list of first bloggers and write different email titles for each of them.

How to make those bloggers beneficial from your outreach?
Blogger outreach should focus on the audience of bloggers. If your content is beneficial for the authority bloggers, then you’’ do nothing for the readers.

What is the long-term strategy?
The short-term blogger outreach strategy is to create your blog, but the long-term strategy always is to create strong relationships with the top bloggers.
When you are done with these things, then you are all set to set up your Gmail account for Blogger Outreach:

1. First of all, add a custom signature to the bottom of the messages for that,
Step 1: Go to the Gmail dashboard and click on the gear icon that appears in the top right and then choose ‘Settings’ from the drop-down list
Step 2: Now, edit your HTML signature. You can add HTML code and the URLs to your signature
Step 3: Finally, verify the radio box to enter the signature. After that, below the signature text-domain, just mark the checkbox so that your signature will be shown before the quoted text in the replies

2. Secondly, get a professional email with Gmail,
One of the advantages of using Gmail account for blogger outreach is that you can find an email address with your business name in the field. For instance- is not ideal for sending outreach email messages but is a professional name for building your brand and for sending the outreach email messages.

3. Lastly, manage a to-do list,
Gmail is also a task manager which is ideal to increase your productivity and for that,
Step 1: Just go to your Gmail dashboard and click on ‘Gmail’ tab
Step 2: Next, select ‘Task’ in the drop-down menu and click on the White space to add your task

Write Clickable Email Outreach Subject Lines

The headline is the most important thing in any content. So how do you write clickable subject lines for your blogger outreach emails?

Use power words like:
• Make you an excellent writer
• Convert blog readers into the customers and close the sales
• Punch your prose and make it tempting and appealing

Note: It is advisable to use power words only when it is required

Well, through these things and the given steps, you can easily enhance Blog Traffic. You can get in touch with the experts by calling on Gmail Helpline Number UK for instant and complete help. The experts are available there to help you to resolve the issues in a short time frame.