What are the latest amazing features of Gmail?

By seeing the growth of paperwork, it is not possible to save or send the paper documents. There is always a risk of document leakage that may harm your business as well as your privacy. For that, Gmail has become one of the trusted email services that allow you to send or receive as well as save your paperwork safe and secure. Whether it is personal or professional work Gmail will help you to communicate in a better way.

Apart from its outstanding services, it is now upgraded with some amazing features that make it one of the best email services around the world. Gmail Customer Service UK is the resolution point if you are facing any technical issues with your Gmail account. In this post, we are going to discuss the top 5 attractive features of Gmail.

• Schedule Email:
This is the newest addition of Gmail. It allows you to schedule the emails to be sent whenever you like whether it is tomorrow morning, tomorrow evening or a specific date. With this feature, you can schedule your emails just right from your Gmail mailbox and set it to send later. Well, it is not available in every Gmail users but if you have got the update then you will see a drop-down menu just next to the Send Button to set it as Schedule Email.

• Confidential Mode:
It has become one of the best features of Gmail. It allows you to add an expiration date to your emails to make sure the privacy of the information you send over the Gmail. It has been released last year and allows you to restrict the users from being able to download their own latest version of the message, copy or print any of the details or information. It also requires the recipient to use two factors to view it.

• Snooze Email:
It comes with an outstanding feature to let you remember about the important mail which you haven’t yet read. It is ideal for those who are always swiping ways the email notifications only to forget about them completely. With the help of this function, you are now able to resurface that email, whether that is later the same day or tomorrow as down the line.

• Undo Email:
Sometimes, you might get stuck when you have sent an important email with an error or the wrong person. But Gmail has covered the behinds in 2015 by mailing you able to delete a message up to 30 seconds of hitting send. You can get it enabled from the Settings pane for Gmail on the web. You can set the undo send and delay to between 5 to 30 seconds.

• Vacation responder:
This feature is specifically designed to alert the senders of your absence over the periods of time longer than the 15 hours. You can get it enabled when you are on vacation or leave. It is a really amazing feature that makes you feel relax when you are on vacation. It tells the person that emails you that you are not available on the business day. You can decide your hours for your business to make it simple or you can use an auto-responder to aware them that you will respond within 24 hours.

With these outstanding features, Gmail makes your life easy and convenient. If you have any queries regarding these features or you are not getting the option to make them enabled get help from Gmail Account Login to get connected with the experts for instant help. The experts are always there to help you in any manner they can.