What is the best Gmail Apps for Windows 10?

Whether you are using your computer for personal use or for work, email is just an important way for communication between people. It also manages your life and an email client plays a significant role in that. Gmail is the most famous and most powerful free web email service. Google is one of the best email services and is known for a simple interface.

Windows 10 users have a lot of feasible alternatives for a Gmail client solution. Call on Gmail Customer Care Phone Number UK to get connected with the technical experts in case of any Gmail related issue. Most of them are free and they work quite well and all of them are an easy replacement for Outlook or Mail.

Here is the best Gmail Apps for Windows 10:

• Mailbird:
It feels and looks like a Windows 10 app and is pretty similar to Outlook at least in graphic design. It comes with a slick UI, instinctive controls and helps to manage multiple email accounts. It performs immediately and plays very well with the multiple email accounts including Outlook, Gmail, Exchange and iCloud. Mailbird is compatible with messaging, touch, calendars, task management and more. It comes with a small and simple installation and has a breeze setup. Mailbird is known as one of the better mail clients for Windows 10.

• Mailbird Lite:
It is the version of Mailbird which you get if you have selected not to buy the Pro version of Mailbird. The mail features remain almost similar but you may lose the ability to speed read, previewing attachments and snooze email for an hour. Apart from that, they are almost same, so all the positive you read about above are still applicable here. Mailbird Lite performs with POP3 and IMAP and Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media apps.

• Inky:
Inky is a famous and powerful email client for Windows 10 and looks amazing on the screen. Inky is perfect for the security-conscious as it has end-to-end encryption as standard. It is also one of the attractive looking mail clients on this list. It is strong and simple to use due to a perfectly designed UI. It works with IMAP and POP3 and takes only a few minutes to set up. It syncs across desktop as well as mobile also. Inky doesn’t cost you as it is free if you are using iCloud, Gmail or Outlook and use it for home use.

• Opera Mail:
Like the Opera browser sibling, it is open-source, powerful and simple. It looks quite good and has a simple interface that looks a little similar like Thunderbird. It is compatible with most of the email types such as Gmail and gas an RSS reader as well. There are some clean email templates included in the package. This mail browser is free to use as you see fit.

• eM Client:
eM Client is well-established and has been around for more than a decade. The UI is feature-rich and clean as well as makes navigating and helps in managing emails straightforward. It is free for home use and can manage two email accounts. There is a premium version available if you want to have more features. eM Clients is compatible with Outlook, Gmail, iCloud and Exchange email accounts. The installer will automatically set up a free trial of the premium version but you can easily get a key for the free version from the eM Client site.

Well, these are some great Gmail apps for Windows 10 users. If you want to more then, contact Gmail team for quick assistance. They all perform excellently and all play nicely with Gmail. They don’t create troubles with Windows 10 and they all get their hob very well. You can choose any of them according to your choice.