Can't sign into Gmail on Mozilla Firefox

Gmail is one of the most used platforms all over the world. It is safe, secure and the fastest platforms that people are using for years for sending and receiving the emails. Over time, the platform has undergone much advancement and changes and thus has been accepted by the people.

However, there are not many incidents when Gmail has troubled someone but there have been reports of many users who were unable to sign into their Gmail account on Mozilla Firefox. The account simply doesn't get signed in, despite the several attempts made by the users. If you too are dealing with the same problem then this article would certainly bring some of the desired help for you.

What can be the possible reasons?

At times, the reason for this could be the presence of malwares or viruses in the system that blocks the access of the Gmail platform on the Firefox. As the account gets connected to the Internet, these are quite a normal situation.

The other reason that can make this happen is the fact that you are not using the current and latest version of the Mozilla Firefox. Switch to the current account and you will find the desired solution.

What to do when cannot sign into Gmail using Mozilla Firefox?

Here are some of the simple yet effective steps that you can follow, when you cannot access your Gmail account on the Mozilla Firefox. Have a look:

• Uninstall Mozilla Firefox from your device
• Later than that, delete all the folders available of the Mozilla Firefox in your device. You can find the folders in the C drive under Program Files. If necessary, you can take the backup of the files required by using this link.
• Make sure that you have deleted all the Mozilla Firefox files from your system else you will not find the desired solution for your problem. Once, you have deleted all the files, restart your system
• When your device restarts, immediately run the ‘Windows Disk Cleanup' and click the Cleanup System Files button
• This may take some time as your device is getting cleaned of the problems so be patient with the cleanup
• Once all the cleanup is complete, now is the time when you need to reinstall the Mozilla Firefox but be sure that you are using the current version of Firefox
• After the installation of the current version of the Mozilla Firefox is done, restart your device to make sure that all the installation of the Mozilla Firefox are done properly

After the completion of these steps, you would get the needed relief from your problem and will be able to sign in with your Gmail account on the Mozilla Firefox.

In any case, you are not able to get the access to your Gmail account, even after these steps, and then you can contact the customer support team and can get assisted with the knowledge and experience of the professionals for your problem.