How to set Gmail your Default Email Program?

Generally, your operating system directs you towards its own default application for email. Some users just accept it as something that they have to compromise with. However, depending on the operating system, there are techniques that you can use to switch to Gmail. Considering the ease that Gmail comes with it, it is not a surprise that people would want to make that switch.

Here is a compiled list of all the steps you need to take for each operating system.

Windows 8 and 10

In order to use Gmail as your default mail option on Windows, you need to choose the browser you want and set it as the email application that opens by default. Then, you can simply set it to Gmail.

First, open the search window by pressing Windows + S and type “Control Panel” before hitting search. In the search box of the control panel, type Default, select Default programs and finally, click on “set your default programs.”

On the settings screen that will appear, choose your browser as your default email as Gmail does not have its own desktop app.

Mac OS

On a Mac system, the procedure that needs to be followed is to open the Mail menu in the application and select Preferences.

On the tab titled general, go to default email reader and select the browser of your choice

Linux Mint (and all others)

In the command line, type sudo apt-get install desktop-webmail to install a package called desktop-webmail. This will help in configuring Gmail.

Guides for Browsers

If the concluding step in your OS guide is a browser, the following instructions will come in handy. It is also possible to switch browsers if the instructions for your OS do not suit you.


The icon of three dots situated at the top right corner of chrome will take you to the settings. Here, look for privacy and settings and click on advanced. Next, go to content settings and click on handlers. Check if you have selected the option of allowing sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols.

In Gmail’s URL bar, you will see a grey diamond. Once you click on it, Gmail will become your default.


The very first time you select a mail to link on Firefox, you will have the option of selecting any application you want. If however, you wish to change the default option that you selected previously, through the drop-down menu, select Firefox options. Now, select general and scroll to applications. Here, you will find mail to, after which you can select use Gmail.


Safari is not a simple nut to crack. The best option you have here is to switch browsers.


There is no way to automatically open Gmail here. It simply uses the default application used by Windows for all mail to links.

If you still have difficulties in achieving your goal, please use the Gmail Customer Service Number UK to have all your problems sorted in no time.