What is the difference between inbox and all mail in Gmail?

Gmail is one of the popular platforms that most of the users are using for sending and receiving emails in their everyday lives. The platform has made the whole process of sending and receiving emails quite very easy for the people, isn't it? But are you sure that you are aware of all the folders and their characteristics available in Gmail?

Despite after many years of use, there are many users who are not fully aware of the various Gmail folders. Out of the much confusion, the most common confusion that most of the people have in Gmail does not know the difference between "inbox" and "all emails" of this popular platform. Surprised? Well, this is actually true!

The possible difference between the ‘All mail' and ‘Inbox' in Gmail:

What is Gmail's inbox?

Gmail inbox is that folder in which only the non-archived emails are kept. In simple words, when someone sends you an email, it comes directly to the inbox of Gmail. However, in some cases, due to the settings made in the Gmail account, some of these emails may land in the spam folder as well. But, in general, you can find all these non-archived emails in the inbox folder only.

You can easily find the option of the inbox in your Gmail profile on the left-hand side just below the option of composing mail. Simply click on the inbox folder and you can access all your available non-archived emails.

What is Gmail's all mail?

As the name indicates, the "all mail" folder available in Gmail is that folder in which you can find all your emails and chat's messages. It is a whole archive folder from where you can access all your emails. Generally, to recognize to which folder any particular email belongs, you can find a label of that folder in front of that email in the all mail folder of Gmail.

It has also been observed that if you subscribe to see the all mail option in your Gmail, it doubles the size of your profile. It is available on the left-hand side along with the various other folders available in your Gmail profile. Always remember that if you delete any emails from the all mail folder of Gmail, you are very likely to delete that email from the other folders as well.


This is the basic and the only difference between these two essential folders of Gmail. Both these folders play their own crucial role in making Gmail platform and the profile easily accessible for the users. If you need any help related to any of the other aspect of Gmail, then you can get in touch with the support team of Gmail. You will get all the needed assistance for your issues and problems under the supervision of the experts.