How do I go back to classic Gmail 2018?

Gmail service allows all the systems and the internet users to easily exchange Emails among themselves thus makes it easy for the users to maintain communication among themselves. There are many other services other than Gmail that allow the exchange of emails among the users but above all Gmail is the service that is preferred by almost all the users all around the globe.

Thus, we can say this is the heaviest of all the websites that are running on Google these days. However this is the most user-friendly website that is made for communication purposes Gmail Help Number UK further makes it, even more, user-friendly on the basis of support services it provides the users with.

The reason of this website is popular among the users is that this website is growing in terms of technologies and features constantly and thus it provides the users with many other privileges than just providing them with the facility of exchanging emails.

But, it is also very often noticed that the users do get stuck into complications with the same features and the same added services. Here in this blog, we will talk about the new updated version of Gmail that has come up with a totally new design and also the latest version has come up with a lot of new features for providing the users with even better experience.

But, actually the new version of Gmail has not gone down to well with the users and the new design is appearing complicated to them to operate and therefore the users wish to go back to the old version of Gmail.

In order to return back to the older version of Gmail, it is advisable that the user follows the given steps -

• Open Gmail interface.
• On the keyboard press control + home, this will take you to the top of the page.
• Then press “h” key on the keyboard 4 times this will take you to the conversations heading.
• Further press shift +B on the keyboard this will take you back to the settings button.
• Then press the down arrow key on the keyboard and then an option will appear “Go back to University of Michigan classic mail”
• Then on the keyboard press enter in order to get the option activated.

After following the above steps accurately the user will be able to easily get back to the classic old version of Gmail. However, after a while, all the Gmail users will have to get their Gmail updated as the older version will not be working on the systems as well as the devices after a certain time period.

If in case there is some other issue for which the user needs a fix on his or her Gmail account then for that it is advisable that the user gets connected with the technicians at Gmail Help Number UK.