How to Deal with Gmail Authentication Error?

An email account is no joke. Especially when it comes to a Gmail account that you have chosen to use as your primary account. It will be connected to and will have access to all of your sensitive data including contacts, addresses, photographs, music, and more.

In such a scenario, it is only valid if you get worried when you are unable to gain access to your email account with no clue as to why the problem arose in the first place. This is why; we will first explain why the problem may be arising, and then try to help you solve it.

It is not unusual to get a message stating “Authentication failed” or “Authentication error” while logging onto Gmail. The primary method you can apply is dialling the Gmail Helpline Number UK.

However, you could always try to resolve the issue on your own, since it may likely be nothing too complicated. The above message pops up when the email server fails to recognize the email access or doubts that it may be an attempt at unauthorized access.

It may be because the password was mistyped, the username was incorrect, the IP address was blacklisted, or the server connected to was wrong. The following steps can be applied in order to resolve the issue:

1. Reset the password of the email account.
2. On the email application, update your password, check if your complete email address is your username, and that is your server name, where your domain name is
3. Check that there is a stable connection or a local area network. You also need to have an account with which you are registered to the service to which you are trying to connect. A service will not allow a connection if the connection does not exist.

If you continue to face the same problem, the following tips may come in handy:

• If the direction of your domain has recently been changed, or if the hosting plan has recently been downgraded or upgraded, it will help to wait for about 72 hours. This is because it takes that much time for the recently altered DNS settings to propagate worldwide.
• Your local IP may be blacklisted and thus causing the problems. In such a scenario, it is advised to wait for 24 hours before retrying and in the meantime, you can use webmail. The local ID address gets blacklisted when there have been too many failed attempts at logging in. If this may be the problem with you, using a different internet connection like Wi-Fi or mobile data will solve the issue.

If this too does not solve your problem and you still see the same message popping up, your best bet and most reliable option are to dial the Gmail Helpline Number UK.

The support you will get there will be reliable and trustworthy because the technicians have been trained to show the highest level of professionalism. They know how to deal with any problem that may arise and possess a friendly and welcoming demeanour. There is no hour long waiting and they genuinely wish to be of help to you.