Gmail not receiving emails on iPhone

Thanks to the changing time and technology, people are now using the Gmail platform on their smart phones. Be it simply to send an email or to receive one, everything is being done using the Smartphone. The smart phones, indeed, have also matched perfectly with all the requirements of the Gmail platform to give the users the needed access and convenience.

However, in the later time, it has been observed that in some cases, the iPhone users are facing some issues for receiving the emails. No, that doesn't need any worries or problems as the problem is only a rare case that can easily be solved. But, yes, it is also true that some of the iPhone users have faced this problem.

If you too are using iPhone and have faced this problem or are facing the problem that your Gmail account is not receiving the emails, then you should give your some attention to this article, forgetting some of the relevant help.

Things that you should keep in mind before beginning:

There are some essential things that you should keep in mind before beginning with the process of solving the problem. These things are as follow:

• Backup all the necessary and relevant information before beginning with the process
• Be sure that you are connected with the Internet before going any further
• Check any of the unsent mail in the outbox folder on your phone and then you will again once the problem is solved
• While accessing your Gmail account, check the username and the password that you are using.

If all these are okay and verified from your end, then you should move to the next step and look for the possible solution of the problem.

What to do for the problem?

This problem usually occurs when you lack very little or obvious information for your Gmail. Because that little thing is not being fulfilled from your Gmail account, it might be creating a problem. To be sure that you have all the necessary requirements of Gmail account, you can check for these points for your Gmail account:

• Look for the possible alerts from the Gmail website for your iPhone: there can be some of the alerts that you must have missed for your iPhone and that is why the Gmail account might not be able to receive the emails properly

• Look for the recent devices: once you have visited the Gmail website, make sure that you look for the recent devices with which you have login your Gmail account. It may be the case due to the security policy of Gmail, you might not be receiving the emails on your present device

• Reset the CAPTCHA: this is one of the essential steps that give you the authenticity that you are the real owner of your Gmail account. The Gmail security will understand that you are the authentic user of the Gmail account that you need access to and then will allow you to get the needed access to that account.

After following these steps, you will possibly get the desired solution for your problem that you are facing.

If still, you don't get the desired response, then please do contact the customer care team of Gmail and get assisted with the supervision of the highly knowledgeable professionals who will provide you with the desired solution, after understanding it.