Gmail stopped working on I phone

You are sure that you have entered the right password for your Gmail yet you are not able to access it on iPhone. What is that all about? That may be because your Gmail is not working on your iPhone. This is one of the common and recent problems that most of the iPhone users are facing. They are not able to access the Gmail on their iPhones suddenly and that too without any prior notification or indication.

What could be the possible reason?

Though, there is no specific reason that can be confirmed for this problem yet many experts are considering security as the main reason behind this. The companies don't want to face any legal actions while the customers don't want to compromise on their sensitive information. As a result, the security of everything, including the Gmail account is becoming strict day by day. Unfortunately, because of so high and tight security, many of the Gmail users are often get failed access of their Gmail accounts on their iPhone.

Apart from the issue of security, it is also the lack of information and details about the problem that makes things even harder for the people. They are not aware of what to do, whom to connect and how to solve the problem and therefore, they end up complicating the things and the problem simply gets bigger and complicated.

What are the common issues that you may face when Gmail does not work on iPhone?

Here is the list of the common issues being faced by the people when Gmail stops working on iPhone:

  1. Unable to send or receive emails because of the failure of the server
  2. Errors with every attempt to deliver the messages on Gmail
  3. Displaying wrong username and password
  4. Unable to connect using the SSL
  5. Irresponsive mail server
  6. Irresponsiveness of the IMAP mail server

How to fix the problem of Gmail not working on iPhone?

Here are some of the possible steps that can be followed to fix the problem. Have a look:

  1. First, try and access the other Gmail accounts, if any, from your iPhone. This will confirm that Gmail is not working. If you can access the other Gmail account, this indicates that the problem is in your account only
  2. Remove your Gmail account from your device and add it again, using these instructions:
  3.      • Visit settings
         • Click on emails, contacts, and calendars
         • Add account
         • Google

  4. Re-verify your iPhone client's access via web, if the problem is only in your Gmail account. For this, you can follow these instructions:
  5.      • Go to your device's Safari
         • Sign in to Gmail
         • Get to this link – and then press continue. This will reset the CAPTCHA
           for your Gmail account which will help in getting the access

  6. After clicking on continue, again visit your mobile client and now try to access your Gmail emails

The necessary tips to keep in mind:

Besides these solution steps, do keep these simple tips in mind, to avoid the problem and also to get the best support when the problem has occurred:

  1. Look for the alerts and notifications on the Gmail website
  2. Sign out and then sign in back to your Gmail account
  3. Verify your iPhone user's access to ensure the existence of the problem
  4. Check the recently visited devices on the Gmail website

All these things will combine together and will be the best solution to your need when Gmail stops working on your iPhone. Further, if you need any personal assistance, do connect with us through our portal or toll-free, all your doubts will be cleared and we will serve you with the best advice with our experience.