Why is Gmail a popular mail service around the globe?

Gmail is a free webmail service which designed and developed by Google. With the help of Gmail account, users can send and receive large attachments and messages across the globe. As everyone is familiar with this web mailing service, in case if you haven’t heard about it you can find this service at ‘ www. Gmail.com’. You can then access all the services whenever you like after making an account. For more understanding regarding Gmail services, we have listed some significant features that make it so great.

The Most Attractive Features of a Google Mail :

Platform Independent: This is one of the most common features that you can see in all webmail services. It is a platform independent service, that means- you can access your account from your mobile, laptop, desktop and tablet. Whether you travel frequently or work remotely, this can be the most important feature for you.

No cost: You can take this as an advantage or an attractive feature. It is a free web mailing services. For accessing it, all you need is to just download in your phone, laptop, and tablet and feel free to use anywhere on any platform

Cloud Storage: Gmail offers users’ storage in gigabytes. So they can effectively save, send and receive large attachments effectively. Moreover, users don’t want to delete messages, attachments in order to save the attachments.

Synchronization with the outlook: Your Gmail business account can easily synchronize with the MS outlook, Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone. And offer you huge benefits when trying to utilize technology such as smartphones.

Snooze Message: With the help of this feature, users can temporarily delete the message from the inbox until you need them. If you want to use it, all you need is to do, just select the snooze option, and the message will be taken away, and bring it back whenever you need.

Store Instant Messages and Video Conferencing: Gmail comes with two unique features that are IM storage and Video conferencing. Which make it easy to get in touch with the employees, clients, and friends respond instantly.

Spam Filtering: Gmail is a very effective web mailing service, that attempts to filter viruses, malware, advertising mails, and other phishing links and keep your computer safe against online threats.

Offline Access: You can access accounts effortlessly, even when your computer, phone, laptop are not connected to the internet by installing the Gmail offline chromium extensions.

What to do, if you need help while using Gmail Account?

It’s no secret, Gmail is the best. It's good enough most of the people across the globe rely on their Gmail account as a primary email address. In case, if they experienced difficulty while sending, receiving, messages and attachments to the other party. They generally talk to Gmail technical support service, who are round the clock available for the customers, and resolve their issues instantly. To get the instant support, you can dial Gmail Technical Support Number UK and share your queries with the techies.