How do I configure a Gmail account that does not send/receive?

Gmail needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular platforms which are used worldwide for sending and receiving emails from one place to another. Gmail comes with a number of features that attract the users and thus keeps the interest of the users. Over time, we have seen many updates with the Gmail platform which has managed to create an amazing performance of the platform.

Though Gmail has been very particular in delivering all the required security measures for their users still some loopholes exist. And these loopholes are so serious sometimes that they come in between the normal functioning of the Gmail account. One of the major problems that the Gmail user can face is the non-responsiveness of the Gmail to send and receive emails.

Yes, it is true. Your Gmail account can sometimes do this. Such an account then finally requires to get configured to handle the problem. This article talks about the steps that you can follow to easily and successfully configure a Gmail account that does not send or receive emails. These steps are simple to execute and brings the desired solutions. Interested in knowing the steps? Let us begin.

Steps to configure a Gmail account that does not send/receive:

Being a Gmail user, you can configure the account with the help of IncrediMail using the Email Setup Wizard. With these two help, you can easily configure the Gmail account.

• Open the main window of the IncrediMail and from the home page select the option of ‘Tools' and click on it
• Under the options of ‘Tools', choose the option of ‘Email Accounts'
• As soon as you click on the ‘Email Account' you will be given a dialog box. From this dialog box, select the ‘Add' option and click on it, If you already have your account in the list, then select the account and remove by clicking on the ‘remove' option before clicking on the ‘Add' option
• Once you have completed the 3rd step, you will land on another dialog box. From that dialog box, select the available option of ‘Let me configure settings myself' and click on it.
• Post clicking on that option, click on the ‘Next' button
• Now, you will see the list of all the platforms available and you can click on ‘Gmail' from the list
• In the next step, you will be asked to enter your ‘username' and ‘password'.
• After entering the required information in the relevant fields, click on ‘Next' and then finally click ‘Ok' to complete the configuration

These steps will bring the needed solution for the configuration of the Gmail account that does not send/receive. However, we are always open to all your doubts and concerns regarding all your issues and problems. We have our team of experts who are well experienced with in-depth knowledge regarding these problems. For your problems call us at Gmail Helpline Number UK. We will provide you with the relevant solution.