How to add multiple Email Accounts to Gmail for iOS?

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Adding multiple email accounts on your iOS in a simple task without too many complicated steps involved. The first account can be set up simply from the device’s mail app, but you may need to tap on to your settings icon for the rest of the accounts.

For the first account, you simply have to sign in on the mail app on your device, where you will be asked your account information. Once you save your information and verify your account, all of your data will be synced and the account will be established.

When it comes to adding on additional accounts, go to your settings and select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Here, select Accounts and click on Add Account. From here, follow the instructions on your screen and fill in the details as and when they are asked.

Once both your accounts are set up, you can tap on to the icon for email and both of your accounts will be listed in there. Each of the inboxes can be browsed separately and all of the messages can be viewed in the All Inboxes section at the very top.

You settings section will allow you to decide which of your accounts you want as your default account. This will be the account that will compose your messages from the top-level mailbox and will the messages you see in your All Inboxes.

If you wish to send an email from a separate account, you will have to switch to that account and be in the inbox of that account when you click on the compose option.

This blog has been written with all the details about the process of adding multiple Email accounts to a Gmail application on an IOS device, but if by any chance you are into some other problem with the Gmail service then it is advisable that you get yourself connected with the team of Gmail expert Helpline Team.