How to create a filter for similar Emails in Gmail?

Gmail is the webmail service that is most widely used by users worldwide in order to satisfy all the communication purposes. The popularity of Gmail is the result of so many new features that it offers to the people and also it is constantly updating itself with the new features. Also, this is a webmail service that has the best technical set up which further makes it a reliable Email server.

But often it is seen that the users get confused with the features or get stuck into some of the other technical glitches with the technical set up and then coming out of them becomes a problem as for that the user needs proper knowledge and experience of the technical field.

Therefore, most of the users reach to the technicians and get the issues resolved for them as the technicians are the most trusted and the best choice for the same. But sometimes searching the internet for a reliable solution can also help.

Such as here in this particular blog, we will discuss in detail the process of creating a filter for similar Emails in Gmail. In order to get a filter created in Gmail, the user should follow the below-given steps:-

• Open one Email out of all those similar emails for which you need to create the filter
• Then above the mail click on “more button“
• Then from the menu select the option “filter messages like these”
• Get the filter criteria adjusted
• If emails sent by the same sender are to be filtered when it is done
• In order to get the messages from an Email ID filtered get that entered in the To line
• In order to get the filter of phrases and words to use the subject field.
• To put a filter on emails with attachments place a check mark in the box given next to “has attachment”
• Then click “create a filter with this search”

The procedure given in the blog above will make it easy for the user to create the filter as needed.