How to fix "Bad Request Error 400" for Gmail?

If you are using too many Gmail accounts on chrome, there are high chances that you might have already or may face the "bad request error 400'. Most of the Gmail users are often found to be totally clueless about this error. They are not sure about the reason due to which the error has occurred and neither they are sure of the possible solution that they can follow.

Other than this, not many of us actually have the time to completely understand these errors and then to look for their solutions. Isn't it? When you have to send some important emails, why would anyone invest their precious time in resolving the error? Well, this is where most of the people lack and thus faces the troubles with their Gmail account.

Cause of the bad request error 400 for Gmail:

This error generally occurs when the client and requesting computers cannot communicate and process each other's requests. If you are getting this error, it clearly indicates that the server computer is not accepting or is refusing the request applied by the client's browser. It also occurs when the https header is way too long as it also increases the communication time between the client system and the server.

Don't worry, if you are facing this error, it can be solved with some simple steps. So are you interested in knowing the simple steps to solve this error? If you are interested, then read along to the next section mentioning the simple steps to fix the problem.

Steps to solve the bad request error 400 for Gmail:

The major problem that causes this error is the ‘gmail_imp' files which get stored in the cookies and then creates issues like this error. Thus, the main need is to delete all these ‘gmail_imp' files along with the cookies that are stored in the browser.

Follow these simple steps and get the most accurate solution for this error. Have a look:

• Open your chrome browser and then right click on the screen.
• After the right-click, you will get some options, select the ‘inspect element' option.
• After that, click on the ‘resources' option which will be available on the top of the window.
• After this, click on the option of ‘cookies' which will be available on the left side of the screen. After click on the cookies option, make sure that you expand it.
• Now click on ‘' cookies.
• After this, make a right click on the ‘gmail_imp' files and choose the option of ‘delete' from the list.
• Once the cookies have been deleted, close the window and then refresh the page.

The advanced setting option to clear all the available cookies from your browser:

• Go to the setting page of the chrome.
• Choose the option of ‘show advanced settings'
• Visit the ‘privacy' section under the page and then choose the ‘content settings' option.
• After doing so, go to the section of ‘cookies' and open all the available cookies file.
• Delete all the cookies files and then refresh the page to ensure the complete deletion of the files.

You will be logged out of every Gmail account after this process and for getting the access again you may have to contact the experts.

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