How to keep a back up maintained in Gmail?

Gmail is a platform that has made it very easy for users to deal with the communication part. As Gmail provides communication services, therefore, we can say that it has become a vital part of the day to day life of the people using the internet around the globe.

There are many other webmail services that are in the field but Gmail is considered best by the people around the Globe.

The webmail service has a base of updated features and also it is popular because of the easy to use interface that is designed for the ease of the users and also the users are seen more inclined towards Gmail because of its customer friendly and efficient technical team that can be reached at Gmail Support Number UK.

Though Gmail is very user-friendly still it is sometimes seen that the users do get stuck into some unavoidable glitches that can only be fixed if the user knows techniques otherwise the best option is to ask help from Gmail's efficient technical team.

As the generation is growing advanced Gmail now is not only used for communicating purposes but also the users use it as an efficient back up keeping options. Here we will discuss in detail how can a user easily keep backups of his data maintained through Gmail.

Enabling Pop - This is a very popular way through which the users keep their data safe on Gmail:
• Sign in to Gmail
• On the top of the page click "settings"
• Open the POP IMAP tab
• From there select enable POP for all mail.
• Then click save changes

Hard Drive back up - The users can also get a hard drive back up created for their Gmail:
• Open Gmail
• Click "My account" in the top right corner
• Their search for the option "personal info and privacy"
• Then from the options that appear next click on "control your content"
• After that get an archive of the data created for that click "Create Archive"

Then from the list that appears you can select whatever you wish to keep as back up and the backup will then be created.

The users can easily keep backups maintained by the help of the procedures given above but if in case the users get confused, then they can always turn to the experts at Gmail Support Number UK for reliable help and support. The experts can also help the users if in case they are stuck with some other problem related to Gmail.