How to set up Gmail on Phone?

Gmail is the most popular Email exchange website that is running around the globe these days. The web service is known and preferred by the users for its easy to use interface as well as for its friendly design of various advanced features.

Another fact that makes it popular is the best assistance that is provided by the Gmail technical team as and when the user gets into any sort of issue.

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Gmail is one web service that is seen easily compatible with all the devices as well as systems are it a windows operating system or an Android or even if it is an iPhone.

But the set up of Gmail on devices like Android or on any Apple device sometimes becomes tricky. Here we will provide you with easy steps for setting up of Gmail account on your android mobile.

In order to get an easy set up of the Gmail accounts on your phone follow the given steps –
• Go to the Gmail settings from there enable IMAP.
• Then on your device click the “home” button.
• Then open the application
• Go to “your accounts” page then select “next”
• Then on the screen that appears give a name to your account
• Then click “done”

If you need to check settings then go to the inbox view by clicking “menu” after that click “Account settings”

Note- The above-given steps are only applicable for the set up of the Gmail on an android phone.

If in case you are an iPhone user then to get the account set up done on your iPhone you need to follow the given steps –
• Get IMAP enabled from Gmail settings
• Open the settings application on your device
• Then click on mail, contact, and calendar
• Click the option “add account”
• Then click “Gmail”
• Enter full email address along with a password
• Click “next”
• Click “save”

If you are facing any other issue with your Gmail account and you are unable to get it fixed on your own then to get it fixed it is advisable that you get connected with the experts they can be reached at Gmail Support UK.