How do I open my Gmail inbox messages on my phone?

This one word controls your entire identity and ensures your complete privacy. Pictures, contacts, everything is synced to your Gmail account, to the extent that when you buy a new phone, you don’t have to transfer anything.

You also don’t have to spend hours at length trying to set it up. As soon as you log in with your Gmail account, it sets up your new phone as though you’ve been using it for years. It also allows you to Open Gmail Inbox Messages on your phone.

So, when Gmail provides such ease with everything else, why would I waste my time constantly opening and closing a PC or a laptop to check my email, having to repeatedly enter the Gmail inbox message login? I would rather have it all on my phone, where I can open my Gmail inbox messages.

The procedure to access your Gmail inbox all mail is extremely simple, aided by the advent of smart phones that are now cheap and easy to use. Once you go to the play store on your phone or the app store in case you have an iPhone, download the Gmail app.

Once the app is set up and installed, enter your Gmail inbox message login with the email id and password. Once the necessary formalities are taken care of and minimal setup time, your Gmail inbox all mail will open before you.

It is advisable to add as much safety as possible to your Gmail accounts, so the double security protection that Gmail seeks to provide you with is a suitable route to take, which will confirm your phone number and ask for an alternate email address.

While all is said and done, what if I do not wish to download an app and momentarily need to open my Gmail inbox messages? Well, all you need to do is open the browser on your phone and type Gmail. Here, as on the app, Gmail will ask you to enter either your Email or your phone number.

Then, it will ask for the password that you have set for your id. If you do not remember your password, you have the option of clicking on ‘Forgot password’, which is an uncomplicated method of recovering your password.

Otherwise, you can enter your password and it will Open Gmail Inbox Messages for you. In case you have a smart phone that unlocks with your fingerprint, and your PC and your phone are connected to each other, it is possible that as soon as you start to type your email id on your browser, it will automatically fill in details after asking for your fingerprint.

However, as Gmail holds so much sensitive information, be sure to provide adequate protection to your account and email. Never click on an unknown link. If you do, and it takes you to a page asking for your email id and password, close the link immediately and delete the link from your phone. If possible, also change your Gmail password after this.