What to do if I can send emails but not receive?

Gmail may get you stuck when you did not receive an email, but you can send. Definitely, in that case, the error not happens because of Internet connection. Because, if the internet signal is weak, then you even are not able to send any emails. Gmail is the best email service that is used around the world for sending attachments, videos, photos, as well as any data. Not only professional or business, but Gmail is also best for personal usages as it keeps your sensitive information, identity, and privacy safe and secure. Not only this, but you can also create two accounts with two different names for your business and personal usages. If you are facing any issue while creating a Gmail account, then, call Gmail Contact Number for proper guidance.

Gmail not receiving emails are a very serious issue for a few days. This problem may occur due to email quota issue, email client settings, or DNS settings. If your C panel has surpassed its disk quota, then it can also prevent you from receiving emails. Generally, it happens due to exceeding of disk quota. In that case, it is advisable to increase the disk space for that email account to receive mail again. Well, you can remove email in the email account unless it is below the email quota.

Here are the proper steps through which you can check Email account’s Quota :

• First, send an email to the email account in question. If the mailbox is full, then you will receive a bounce-back message that tells you the disk space has been exceeded.
• Check the email quota for the account by clicking on Email Accounts icon in C panel. Check to ensure that the Usage is not upper than the Quota for the email account.

Now, you can easily change your Quota :

• Log in to c Panel and then navigate to the Email section
• Now, select the Email Accounts icon
• Then, scroll down to the email address in which you have to update the quota resources
• Next, to the selected email address, click on Change Quota
• Either type in the new Quota amount or select the ‘Unlimited’ option
• Then, click on Change Quota

Hopefully, you can now able to receive the emails. By following these steps carefully, you can quickly get rid of this issue. If you are still facing this issue, then it is recommended to get connected with the experts at Gmail Contact Number for the proper guidance.