Why one should choose Gmail over Yahoo?

It is not very difficult to choose the best webmail service for your professional and personal communication purposes. Although, Yahoo came earlier and people use this app for sending their e-mails, photos, videos, and data. But nowadays, everyone prefers Gmail because it comes with some fantastic features that beat Yahoo.

One solid reason for preference of Gmail over yahoo is that it makes it easy to send instant messages to your online contacts. Besides, if you need any help with your Gmail, then you can contact the technician team at Gmail Support UK.

In this blog, we will provide some facts which make you clear that why should you choose Gmail over Yahoo :

• Use of Attachments :
Another way through which Gmail outnumbers is in the use of attachments. A person, when done with their e-mail message, is capable of putting up as many attachments quickly as needed easily. Yahoo mail requires you to a separate screen to put attachments. You can only put up five without being requested to add more boxes. Hence, Gmail seems easy to send a substantial account of attachments.

• Brand significance :
The brand name is something that builds up automatic trust in the heart and mind of the user, and same is the case with Gmail though Yahoo entered the market before Gmail, but eventually, the later won it over and is now considered better than the former.

• Gmail is faster :
Goggle has a vast international server network. All that bandwidth and power means that your e-mails are sent lightning fast. It may not be a solid reason, but when you need your e-mail to arrive quickly then, Gmail wins hand down.

As a quick test, I sent an e-mail from Gmail to Yahoo Mail. It was received in my Yahoo Inbox the same time as it was sent. Then, I sent another test e-mail from Yahoo Mail to Gmail. Now, this time, Gmail didn’t receive the e-mail until five minutes have passed. I know Gmail has stronger spam procedures, but it is implausible that made up the difference.

• Gmail is built-in with a powerful suite of productivity tools :
Gmail comes with a pre-installed package of cloud-based tools in which some are the gold standard of modern office working. Think Maps, Calendar, Documents, Drive, Sheets, Hangouts and YouTube. With everything at your fingertips, you don’t have to log in elsewhere to get the programs which you need. You can do your accounts, write anything or organize your social life, store your precious memories, plan your next bike ride all from within the Gmail app.

So these are the fact and features that make a clear concept that Gmail is a winner. It is readily available, which is essential for people who have large amounts of experience with e-mail and for those who are just stepping into the digital world. If you are facing any issue or need any help associated with Gmail, then it is advisable to get connected with experts at Gmail Helpline UK.