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Texting and instant messaging is the new trend and we all know that. It’s simple, uncomplicated and does not need you to have face to face interactions or even to go through an awkward phone conversations. Perhaps that is why these most teenagers manage to fall in love via WhatsApp, as they no longer have to face the awkward consequences if they blurt out something stupid while trying to woe the person they like.

Thus, it is not possible to entirely drop it, and you should not. However, any person with or without a business degree will tell you that email is the most professional form of communication. Mostly because it is the most preferred form of communication of most professionals. When it comes to Gmail, it provides you with not just an extremely convenient and aesthetically mature way of communicating, but also packs in a bunch of features that are easy to understand and easier to use.

As a student, you may be constantly applying for new courses, for higher education and requesting your teachers for letters of recommendation. As a new entrée to the professional world, you will need to apply for internships, jobs and so on. As a business, you will need to look for employees, clients and associates. None of it will be available to you without Gmail simplifying your life by giving you all of these conversations and their alerts at the palm of your hand. Contacts are supremely important to any person, any Gmail remembers your contacts, your photographs and the rest of your data so you can access all of it any time of the day, by simply entering your username and password.

Any new phone you buy will not be marred by regret of lost data, or the inconvenience of having to transfer data from your old phone to the new one. You new phone will be new in its features and its stylish looks, but it will still have all of your important information as soon as you log into it with your Gmail ID. Gmail will protect it from spam, keep your calendar up to date, will give you enough space to store all of your data, and much more. Moreover, with its smart compose, it will finish your sentences without you having to type the entire thing and will make sure that you never send an incorrect sentence again.

All of this is a lot more than what any other email service provider can do for you. But there is still a lot more.

Gmail Smart Compose :

There are times when we know what we want to type and its urgent so we just want to get it on the screen and send it. Gmail understands this, and tries to help you through with its smart compose. Backed by the machine learning feature, you are offered suggestions as you begin to type based on your previous responses. This is a setting to the level of your account level and when changes are made to it, they will be applied to any other device on which you sign in with your Gmail account.

Updated Gmail Security Features :

Gmail works hard to make sure that your account is secure. The confidential mode protects all of your sensitive content that is in your emails by creating dates of expiry, or revoking messages that were sent in the past. It is also possible for Gmail to ask for an extra authentication through text message before an email is visible. This means that even the recipient’s account has been hacked, the content will stay safe. The web application is designed in a way that allows you to take action even quicker, without having to open up the complete thread.

Gmail inbox add-ons :

Gmail Inbox add-ons and extensions have contributed hugely towards making the user more effective with their emails. It is all available at the click of a button in one place. There is no need to waste time switching between email apps, or even in looking for the button. Some of the many tools by Google include Asana, that shifts all of your conversation to Gmail inbox which can then be turned into tasks that are to be sent to clients, team members and customers. Another feature is the Dialpad, with which you can make calls or send messages via any of the devices in your possession.

Gmail Smart Reply :

Reading emails is a much easier task when compared to replying to them, which is a time consuming task. Smart reply saves a lot of your time by suggesting you three responses that are similar to the language you use, of which you have the option of choosing any one, and then sending the reply. It can also be editing before it is sent. This is done via machine learning, so your responses are better and personalized. For instance, if you like to write “Thanks!” instead of “Thanks”, that is the suggestion you will be given, you will choose the text from all available suggestion that you want.

Gmail Application Money Exchange :

Gmail not only allows the sharing of files and photos as and when you want, it also allows you to send and receive money just as easily. Whether it is to split the bill for food with your friends, planning a trip with a group, or something else, you can do it without having to pay any extra fee or without having to use any app other that Gmail. This also means you can you can exchange money with anyone you know, including those who do not have Gmail addresses. It is as simple as sending any attachment, like we have been sending for years.

Updated Google Calendar :

You can check your schedule on a calendar that is now presented with a fresh look and features that are frequently updated. This will efficiently manage your time and get more done in lesser time. many of the features that are popular in the mobile app, like the sleek design, a modern colour palate and layout that is responsive and adjusts to the size of your screen. There are also several more features added to help with team schedule and meetings. Important spreadsheets, presentations and documents can be linked and opened directly via the “Event Detail” view.

Safer Gmail :

The security of your emails is not just important, it is the most crucial responsibility that Gmail undertakes. Gmail supports encryption using TLS and if it can, it will encrypt your outgoing and incoming email automatically. Email impersonation is combated with the help of industry standard authentication, along with many other security measure that run behind the scenes. However, it is important for both the sender and the receiver of the email to take these measures to ensure the email’s safety.

Google Drive Attachments in Gmail :

Photos and documents can be attached to your messages from the Google Drive before you send them. This can also prove to be extremely helpful if the document in question is larger than the file size limit of Gmail, or if you want other to contribute to the document. When a file from Google Drive is attached to an email, Gmail ensure that the receiver has access to the file. In case they don’t have access, Gmail will prompt you to make alterations to the sharing settings of the file before it can be sent.

Reasons to use Gmail

As soon as you enter into your Gmail, you will see why you need it. it has a powerful spam filter and no mail that comes to you is spared from the filter. You don’t like spam. Neither do we. The mails detected as spam are automatically shifted to the spam filter. Child organization users acquire the settings created for parent organization. You can also Search your mail instantly with the search feature present on your home page, or in spam and trash folder as some mails tend to go there too.

Moreover, when you search for something, it is saved in your search history so Goggle knows what to suggest you next time. it simplifies your life greatly by Organizing replies into conversations. The responses to an email are grouped together as conversations with the newest reply being at the bottom. Facilities like Built-in chat: text, voice, or video are available to the standard Gmail user along with features like blocking, sending SMS and so on.

Suppose you get a hundred email a day. A huge part of your day would have been wasted in sorting through them, were it not for option like Labels, filters, and stars…oh my!They help in efficiently finding the emails that require immediate attention. These can also be used to search for an email. Get your mail on the go, no matter how many email IDs you have.

Whether these IDs are by Gmail or some other email provider like Yahoo or Outlook, all of these can be accessed via a single app, which is your Gmail app, that has the “All Inboxes” option, allowing you to view whichever email you want to check. Google had initially planned on something call Infinity +1, wanting to give its users infinity storage. Currently, there is a number to the amount of storage, but Google seems to steadily move towards its goal by giving its users Lots of space (and counting). We have ads, but only the good kind. They are interactive, do not hinder your work and will first require you to click on them to expand.

Disclaimer : We are a team of technicians well trained by the leading institutes, we are not affiliated directly with Gmail, however, we are certified to handle and fix all the technical issues that a Gmail user gets to face while working through Gmail.